Tackling the Security Headache that Comes with a Millennial Workforce

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Modern, connected employees require high-speed wi-fi access in the office, flexible work hours and work spaces, and the freedom to access corporate systems on multiple personal devices, which all adds up to significant security risks for companies. But improvements in applications, VPNs, and the separation of work and personal data on devices can help companies contain the security threat, say experts.

As millennials enter the workforce, experts are saying that employers need to start embracing the “totally connected” expectation of this generation, though without jeopardizing security. Companies need to find the right combination of technology and accountability and there’s varying opinions on what that combination should be.
Some key goals for the future are “data segregation” and mobile strategies that focus more on applications and data and less on the device itself. This provides the enterprise with the security it needs while still giving employees flexibility.

One solution for security and flexibility for employees is “containerization,” which separates personal and work apps and data – preventing enterprise data leakage while providing employees with privacy.

It’s believed that Apple’s iOS7 is leading the pack in its latest mobile operating system by taking “an active role in mediating mobile device management between the user and the enterprise, treating both as equals.”

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