Prefabricated Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers

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Cut Your Data Center Project From Years to Months

Undertaking a design-build data center project can present a myriad of challenges. From performance and compatibility issues to cost overruns and missed deadlines, these challenges can significantly impact your business.

But now there’s a way to design, build, or expand your existing data center without the hassle. Schneider Electric™ customizable, prefabricated power, cooling, and IT modules are pre-engineered and arrive on-site ready to be deployed.

Here are 3 reasons to choose prefabricated solutions for your next data center project:

  1. Predictable performance: Get the density, availability, and efficiency you expect. Components are factory tested prior to delivery for reduced compatibility issues.
  2. Faster deployment: Fewer decisions are necessary for planning and design. Our solution architects handle all the logistics, from manufacturing to customization and delivery on-site in 12 to 16 weeks or less.
  3. Inherent scalability and flexibility: Deploy modules in various configurations of density and availability. Easily adjust and “plug and play” for changing business requirements.


What’s best for you? Assessment and planning services help you determine the viability of using prefabrication. Common applications include companies that need fast and complete multi-tenant data centers or industrial and remote environments that require self-contained, single enclosure data centers.

Our design and build services include reference designs that dramatically cut down engineering time and project management that ensures hassle-free installation and construction. Engineers are available globally to customize your modules and tailor configurations as needed.

Whether you run a co-location facility or an enterprise data center, Schneider Electric’s local project managers and engineers work with you to build a customized solution that takes months to implement instead of years. Modules can be deployed inside or outside — independently or together — to make a complete data center solution. If your application requires an enclosure, skid, or ruggedized solution, our customizable modules can support your needs.

download White Paper: Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers


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