Password Protection and Other Myths

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Your wireless network is probably not nearly as secure as you think it to be, warns security expert Tony Lee. Weak password protection, poor firewalls, and wireless bleed all contribute to the ease with which even amateur hackers can access your systems.

Seven common myths in WiFi security include:

  1. If a wireless network requires a password, it’s safe
  2. The ISP securely set up the network
  3. Breaking into a network would require expensive hardware
  4. No one wants to invest time and effort to break into a network
  5. No one wants to break into a wireless network that shares data
  6. If a computer is patched and the firewalls are enabled, an attacker can’t hurt the network
  7. You’ll  notice if someone is trying to access your network

Awareness is the first step in keeping your wireless network secured.

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