Open Source Automation Boasts Long-Term Benefits

May 14, 2014 at 3:27 pm  •  Posted in News  •  0 Comments

Open source software may help both building owners and automation providers deploy affordable automation systems. It also allows owners to keep pace with rapidly changing technology without having to make expensive hardware upgrades.

Open source software is successful because it enables innovation and customization at lower cost. It allows for higher robustness because people can test it in their own ways. Since the software is free, it lets companies try it before having to commit financially. Finally, it saves people from replicating time-consuming and tedious infrastructure.

Through open infrastructure for automation, building owners can improve the energy efficiency of buildings faster, while making more money. This is because costs are split between all companies involved.

It is believed that for survival in the long-term, open source will be essential for companies in the building automation sector.

Different layers of a building automation system include:

  • Interface and apps
  • Communication from user to server
  • Server and controller software
  • Server and controller hardware
  • Communication from server to sensors and actuators
  • Sensors and actuators

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