The Other Olympic Ring: Security

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Russian security teams created a “ring of steel” around the Olympic Park in Sochi, which ticket-holders could enter by scanning their photo badges. Further outside of Olympic Park, military and police stood guard on roads, railroads, and off the coast, while intensive surveillance, including CCTV, drones and sonars were installed across the city.

Approximately 40,000 Russian security officials checked bags, scanned water bottles and patrolled train stations in order to provide the utmost safety measures to those participating and watching the Olympic Games.

Surveillance was one key part of the extreme security measures that were taken. This included communications interception, drones, sonars to identify any hostile submarines and CCTV cameras.

Anyone who entered Olympic Park or traveled via Sochi’s new rail system underwent an airport-style security check when entering the stations. However, once inside there were little to no checkpoints ahead of the sports facilities, allowing Olympic-goers to move easily around the venues.

Security at the opening ceremony also required fans entering the downtown “live zone” to submit to searches and metal detectors in order to watch the events.

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