Leviton: Every Bulb in the Building

April 10, 2014 at 10:14 am  •  Posted in News  •  0 Comments

Supporting a wide variety of bulbs, voltages, and protocols, Leviton’s universal lighting control solutions provide the proper fit in every unique installation – even retrofits.

When coupled with a Leviton building automation system, lights can be controlled based on time, date, occupancy sensing, intrusion, and much more. Activate all connected lighting loads throughout the property with the touch of a single button. Graphically monitor and brighten/dim bulbs from a touchscreen, smartphone or tablet with zero monthly fees. Automatically dim certain lighting loads at a set time each night to save money and increase bulb life, having lights re-activate upon motion detection or a pre-determined time. Easily set all-inclusive scenes for entertaining, safety, and energy savings.

Beyond elegant and affordable lighting controls, Leviton further supports energy management objectives with the advanced VerifEye Submetering Solutions. These devices assist customers in determining where energy usage is high and allowing them to identify additional opportunities for savings through control.

From MDU’s, warehouses, hospitality, or pure commercial, Leviton is the smart choice for comprehensive lighting and automation solutions. More information.

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