LEDs Light Up the Sistine Chapel

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The Vatican invested $2.3 billion to install an innovative new lighting system in the Sistine Chapel. The system includes 7,000 LED lamps, tuned to the different colors in the art works, and a state of the art ventilation system. “The LEDs create a much better viewing experience because they throw light on aspects of the frescoes, which were overlooked before,” says a representative for Fabertechnica, who helped created the system.

“As each LED can be tuned to a different colour, we spent long nights in the chapel with the Vatican Museum curators, trying out different mixes of red, blues, whites… trying to get it just right,” he said during a private tour for journalists

Protecting the artworks was also the driving factor behind the new ventilation system, installed by US firm Carrier. “The previous system was only capable of regulating the air for up to 700 people. With this system the room can hold a maximum of 2,000 people without damaging the artworks,” said Michel Grabon, director of Carrier’s AdvanTE3C Solutions Center.

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