IP Camera Set-up Shop Offers Time Savings and Convenience

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Graybar offers a unique service to customers at its Northwest Service Center consisting of IP camera assembly, pre-configuration (IP burn-in), and labeling for our integrators and end-user customers. Here’s how it works.

  1. Cameras are matched with an IP address supplied by the customer. The boxes are labeled with this information and set out in the staging area (See photo 1 below).
  2. The Router (photo 2 below) is configured to the customer’s IP scheme, so it would have the desired network settings
  3. For a recent job with 59 cameras, it required 3 24-port POE (Power over Ethernet) switches to connect and power up the cameras. Graybar used switches from stock to reconfigure the number of switches needed. Plugging the cameras into the switches (photo 3 below), is what gives them power and the switches are connected to the Router (photo 2 below).
  4. For this job Graybar used the Pelco Endura Utilities to configure the cameras to the customer’s specifications (photo 4 below). This included entering the following information:
    • Camera name
    • Time zone
    • Text overlay
    • Both video streams:  Compression, Resolution, Image rate
    • Network settings: Static IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway
  5. The cameras were burned in over the weekend to ensure there was no defective equipment.
  6. Final step is packing the cameras up and delivering them to the customer.

To learn more about this service, contact Derek Osborn, Graybar Director of Comm/Data Sales,
425-203-1569 or derek.osborn@graybar.com


1. Staging Area


2. Router


3. Switches


4. Workstation

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