Omni Provides Immediate Alerts on Security and Energy

November 13, 2014 at 8:08 am  •  Posted in Energy Tips  •  0 Comments

With Leviton, you can be notified during any energy or security happening on your property.  Add email and text notifications with zero fees to your home or business when attached to a new or legacy Leviton automation system.  Up to eight email addresses can receive alert messages.

The Omni Notifier is plug and play.  Simply plug in the email and text notification module to a network and any current Leviton Omni or Lumina control system via the RS-232 port.  Mount the board directly over the controller using provided standoffs.   Use software to select the default messages like intrusion, or to customize up to 100 messages such as, “Your branch manager just opened the store” or “Susie arrived home from school” or “The temperature in your Telecommunication Closet is now above 85 degrees.”  You can filter alerts so that different individuals receive different levels of messaging.

The best part for the end-user is that there are no service contracts required, yet the home or business owner can remain in constant contact with the property, receiving notification of special events or emergencies.

Of course, you don’t have to be contacted to check the status of the property.  Utilize Leviton’s Snap-Link Mobile app (also with zero fees, licenses, or contracts) for Android and iOS devices to monitor and control security, temperatures, lighting, video surveillance, distributed audio and more.


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