Forget Your Keys? Facial Recognition Software’s Got You Covered

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FST21, an Israel-based security firm, is developing a biometric security system for residential buildings that analyzes a person’s face, voice, build and stride. Biometric recognition is already common in commercial spaces, including some banks.

The sophisticated software recognizes a person and then allows the system to unlock the door in less than two seconds, completely eliminating the need for keys. Anyone not recognized in the system is denied.

One of the first places in New York to install the software was Knickerbocker Village on the Lower East Side. Since the installation of the new software, complaints about intruders have significantly gone down. More recently, Taino Towers in East Harlem and a few offices at 1166 Sixth Avenue have installed the software as well.

In 2009, a W hotel-condo in Tel Aviv and a Jewish girls day school in Los Angeles installed the software. The school is said to have had more than 800 identifications a day for three years without any problem.

“This is only the beginning,” said founder and president of FST21 General Aharon Farkash. “This is the way people will enter buildings in the 21st century.”

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