Enterprise Wi-Fi To Go Mainstream

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More companies will launch enterprise Wi-Fi systems for their employees this year, employing location-centric service models and more dynamic mobile networking options. Enterprise systems will also become more affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses.

These are just a few of the top Wi-Fi trends to expect this year, as wireless networking continues to impact the business world. More and more companies are beginning to accept the Bring Your Own Device or BYOD initiatives as well as new techniques compatible from these devices. Additional Wi-Fi trends for 2014 may include the new 802.11ac, cloud solutions for Wi-Fi services and management, and WiFi hotspot experience.

The new 802.11ac represents a change in innovation, increasing performance by delivering more than one gigabit every second.

In the past, small and medium sized enterprises had little choice when it came to cloud solutions. In 2014, SMEs may experience a change, with cloud solutions for Wi-Fi services and management more affordable and higher quality than before.

In 2014, Wi-Fi hotspots are expected to be taken to the next level by turning Wireless LAN into a full-fledged profit centre. The idea comes from users wanting Wi-Fi networking access, thus bringing opportunities for enterprises to charge clients.

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