New York Launches Camera Installation Project in Public Housing

August 8

After public uproar, a public housing project in Brooklyn, N.Y., where a six-year-old boy was stabbed to death, will have security cameras installed,...

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Wired LED Bulbs Present Security Risk

August 6

LED light fixtures configured with wifi networks are vulnerable to attack from hackers, who may be able to access the passwords of any user with a...

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LEDs Light Up San Francisco

August 1

Illuminate the Arts, a collective that creates large-scale public arts projects, recently unveiled "Let There Be Light," a display of 400 LED bulbs...

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Connecticut Green Bank Deal Marks Turning Point for Energy Efficiency Deals

July 29

Financing for energy efficiency got a major boost this spring when Connecticut's state green bank, CEFIA, partnered with Clean Fund, a specialty...

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Energy Efficiency: Not About Extra Sweaters Anymore

July 26

Energy efficiency, once the unglamorous stepchild of wind and solar, is now drawing more attention from government agencies, corporate investors and...

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Real Estate Industry Chafes at California Energy Usage Bill

July 25

Assembly Bill 1103, which was enacted earlier this year in California, requires owners of all commercial buildings 5,000 square feet or larger to...

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